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DECS | | DEI System

Welcome to the DECS | | DEI System the first implementation of The n-System Cluster at "Università Politecnica delle Marche (external link)"!

The correct pronunciation is DECSorDEI System but for friends DD System ;-) is enough. The n-System is an open system that make easy to connect HPC Clusters (external link) together. This interconnection enhance the load balancing and the fault tolerant of the single component. For more information see The Mission and The n-System.

Phoenix Architecture is an open cluster architecture, realized using OpenSource Software (external link) ( GPL2/GPL3 (external link) or this OpenSource Licenses ). It is a Gentoo Linux Distribution designed for cluster application (external link) with the RootFS shared between all nodes of the Cluster. Torque (external link) - Maui (external link) and OpenMPI (external link) are chose as default system to share cpu power.

First generation of Phoenix Architecture have Network Raid ( Network Block Device (external link) + Linux Software Raid (external link) ) to have a unified space disk, Ganglia (external link) to monitor the work flow, LAMP Platform (external link) for remote management, KVM (external link) to build virtual cluster and cloud supercomputing and GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) to execute GPGPU Application (external link).

Second generation of Phoenix Architecture is now ready to be used, many improvements was made and many other will be, see a detailed list here.

To enjoy in this Project see Cluster Project. To became a user see Scientific Activities.

DECS | | DEI System

Phoenix 1.0 Architecture

Phoenix 2.0 Architecture

Phoenix Cluster Project Comunity: SourceForge (external link), Facebook (external link), Linkedin (external link), Freenode IRC (#cluster-project) (external link), Freenode Webchat (#cluster-project) (external link)

By now in the DECS | | DEI System there are 3 clusters based on Phoenix 1.0 Architecture: Virgo (external link), Colossus, CLiMaX (external link) and near in the future more others will be interconnected.

Every start has its end but if every end is its start every effort may be null by Ruggero

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For more information, please contact Ruggero Morsucci via e-mail or join us in IRC on, #cluster-project